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Wheatgrass Books

I got photos at some of the stores and at some I didn’t and that was all dependent on whether I remembered, or whether I was too busy wrangling my kids or too distracted with other logistics of our trip. So, I didn’t get photos at Wheatgrass Books in Livingston which is sad because it is a beautifully decorated and well laid out store. I loved this one. I also adore their logo with the meadowlark. It’s all beautiful which I suppose only makes sense for a bookstore with an art gallery upstairs.

They have a wide selection of books – outdoors, fiction, classics, biography. They have a large children’s section with tons of books and toys and stuffed animals. They have socks and book bags and funny pencils and art supplies. My artist daughter got some watercolor brushes and she was on cloud nine.

Wheatgrass is located in downtown Livingston in the Wheatgrass building. It has been a bookstore since 2012. There was a great sense of community in the place. Flyers were up announcing a memorial service. Events posters told of town happenings. The bookseller who helped us at the end of our visit was quick to let us know where to find the other two bookstores in Livingston and recommend that we stop to get the passport stamped there while we were in town.

There wasn’t any seating at this store to linger and read but the vibe was still welcoming. I know they host events and I think we entirely missed the gallery where they feature artists. This was one of the last stops on our big trip and we were a little tired and grubby by this point.

I found a book on Yellowstone day hikes. I’ve visited many times but never hiked in the park and I’m determined to do that next summer. I also passed on an amusingly vulgar bird magnet that I wish I had gotten so next time I’m in Livingston I’ll have to stop in again.

You can order from them online at their site:

You can also link your account to them if audiobooks are more your speed. If you’re traveling through Livingston, MT, I highly recommend you stop in and see them in person. It is a really fun store and I’m so glad I know it’s there, now.

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