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Tumbleweed Bookstore and Cafe

Another stop on the Montana Bookstore Trail was Tumbleweed Bookstore and Café.

After staying near Quake Lake in a beautiful campground and visiting Yellowstone National Park, we left through Gardiner. Of course, we stopped to check out Tumbleweed. We were there around lunchtime and I couldn’t pass up sandwiches named after local dogs.

Book selection was very light here, probably owing to the fact that it was pretty far along in the tourist season when we traveled through. It looked like mostly used books – a great stop to pick up a vacation read that you can mostly ignore while you’re busy whitewater rafting, flyfishing, or hiking.

They also sold some lovely locally-made jewelry, bags, and ground coffee. There was lots of seating available if we’d wanted to kick back and read for a bit while we sipped coffee, which others were doing. There was wifi and a big deck out front to sit and work or browse the internet while you ate. That patio seating was dog-friendly as well. A bowl of water had been set out for “dogs or really short people” which made me chuckle.

My sandwich was called the Merle and it was truly delicious. If I’m ever back in Gardiner, I will definitely spend some time on that patio reading or writing. 

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