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The Bookstore

The Montana Bookstore Trail season has come to an end, but lucky for all of us, the bookstores are there to visit year-round. And I still have many of them to tell you about.

Dillon is my husband’s hometown, so he was excited for us to visit The Bookstore, which remains very much the same as he remembers it from growing up. I visited the store when we first started dating, so I remembered it, too. In fact, he said the bookmarks are exactly as he remembers them from his entire childhood and that brought back lots of good memories for him

The Bookstore is a smaller shop that gives that amazing feeling of being packed to the brim with books. They have a great selection of new and used books. I found a couple in like new condition and paid less than one of them would have been new, so it was a good bargain day for me. They have a great children’s section with a lovely, old rocking chair that I imagine gets plenty of use as parents read to their children while they decide what to purchase.

Cool wooden signage directs shoppers through their stock. They have a selection of beautiful Bible covers. This was the first store on our journey that carried sheet music and topo maps.  Of course, they also have the always delightful bookstore staples like puzzles, bumper stickers, and bookmarks.

You can find out about their upcoming events or place a custom book order on their site. Maybe that will help you to plan your visit because I do recommend a visit if you have the opportunity.

Dillon is a fun little town in one of the most beautiful parts of the state. While we were in the area, we visited the Big Hole Battlefield Memorial, Bannack Ghost Town, and Crystal Park. All were a short drive from town. We ate at a local restaurant, Papa T’s – the food is so, so good there.

In the past, we’ve witnessed and participated in Beaverslide Haying. If you’ve never heard of this, you should look into it because it is truly a cool thing to see. This was my hubby’s summer job as a teen and he has the best memories of that time.

I’ve always enjoyed my visits to Dillon and I’m glad to add The Bookstore to my agenda for the next one.

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