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Second Edition Books

Butte, Montana is rich with bookstores. It had four stops on last year’s Montana Bookstore Trail. Second Edition Books is just a heaven for collectors.

The store is dog-friendly, let’s just start there. Dogs and books? I’m here for that. We walked in and were greeted by a super friendly Golden Retriever who seemed to be a “regular.” (His people were there, too. They were also friendly and he kept them on a leash like a good boy.) After meeting him, it was hard to know which direction to go. 

The store is spacious – it was built as a car dealership. There is such a great selection of used books; paperback romances and thrillers, tons of kids books, non-fiction books, local interest, and in the back of the store a collection of rare editions that will make your jaw drop.

The store is filled with cute, funny knick-knacks.There was an alligator sporting a sombrero, a poster about a velociraptor consuming staff, creative displays like a china cabinet and what I think was an old popcorn machine.There’s also lots of seating if you need a moment to page through a book. There were stuffed animals to cuddle in the children’s section and my youngest had to hug the teddy bear that was larger than her and have her photo taken with it.

The children’s section alone brought tears to my eyes. They had absolutely stunning early printings of The Black Stallion series just like my local library had when I was a young reader. My name was on all of those cards more than once. They had beautiful editions of Anne of Green Gables. They had those original Goosebumps books that we always had to put holds on at our school library because everybody wanted them. Being there brought back such amazing memories of when I started to love reading.

My husband was more excited than my kids when he found Ernest K. Gann books that he hadn’t ever seen in person. He bought more for himself at this store than any of the others we visited. 

If you have any curiosity about Butte’s town history, this is a great place to start because their collection of books and memorabilia is impressive. It’s a great place to learn about the history of Montana, the West, and mining as well.

There was something wonderful on every shelf and tucked into every corner of this store. Used bookstores are the best stores in the world. There’s a lesson inside each of them about value and sustainability. Used books smell like my childhood and reading them feels like sharing an experience with whoever owned the book before. It feels like genuinely complimenting their taste. 

I can’t wait to go back to Second Edition. Maybe next time I’ll bring a dog instead of my pack of energetic kids so I can spend more time browsing. And if you’re looking for a particular rare book, you should get in touch with them. There’s a treasure for every reader in this store.

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