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How Novel Story Lorry

The most unique bookstore on the Montana Bookstore Trail has to be the How Novel Story Lorry. This is brightly painted and delightful mobile bookstore based in Butte, MT. We visited at the Farmers Market where the Story Lorry has a regular spot in the summer.

It felt like climbing into a little cave full of treasure; cozy, shielded from the sun, and full of adventures to explore. For a small converted camper there was a surprisingly good selection of classics, books for kids, bookmarks, stickers, some clothing, and even art supplies. All five of us fit in the store just fine, which was a little surprising. Another one that’s bigger on the inside.

There were a couple of spots to sit and read which we did not do as we got there shortly before the Farmers Market concluded for the day. The Story Lorry proprietor was very nice and visited with us in spite of how late we arrived. We bought Pippi Longstocking for my children (and me) to enjoy. We were able to pay with Venmo and got an adorable sticker for a passport stamp.

I did not get any photos of the lorry which is a shame because it looked amazing. You can find pictures and all the details you’ll need about where to find the mobile bookstore on their Facebook page and website. You can even suggest events you think they should attend. How cool is a mobile bookstore that you can ask to come to you?

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