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Corner Bookstore

Butte, MT has a whopping four independent bookstores that were on the MT Bookstore Trail this summer. I loved every one of them but The Corner Bookstore was notable for being in a lovely house on a corner. The house is over 100 years old and was a private residence until 1996.

We were first greeted by a beautiful wreath made from book pages that hung on the front door. We entered to find ourselves in every book lover’s dream home. Most of the rooms on the first floor are filled with shelves of new books, stickers, candles, toys, mugs, tea, and stationary. The front room is open with seating to stay and read a while or to visit and discuss.

A whole room was devoted to children’s books and my kids camped out on the beanbag while they skimmed a couple of books trying to decide. They were sorely tempted by a selection of stuffed animals, but in the end they chose books and stickers.

The selection of books seemed right up my alley, I couldn’t turn around without finding something I knew I’d love. I grabbed the next Patricia Briggs book in the series I’ve been reading and a paperback of Cinder by Marissa Meyer that has the exact cover design I’ve been looking for. I probably could have picked out at least five more if I had an endless budget.

My husband spent most of his visit deciding between stickers. They had a lot of book-related ones but also a great selection of Montana-themed, Butte-specific, and humorous stickers.

I felt very much at home in The Corner Bookstore (pun slightly intended.) I felt like I could stretch out on one of the lovely plush rugs and read for hours. I don’t know how the proprietor would feel about that, but at any rate, I could have stayed browsing for much longer if we didn’t have more to do that day. You should see it for yourself next time you’re in Butte. I know I can’t wait to go back.

They have a site where you can order online from them, Facebook and Insta pages to keep up with the goings-on, and you can support them with your membership if audiobooks are more your speed.

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