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  • A New Year by Inches

    A New Year by Inches

    Things look a little different here at I needed to make a decision about the web hosting for my site this year and I chose a different direction. Direction has been a bit of a theme in my life lately. I was heading in a certain direction pre-Covid, then for a couple of years…

  • The Unpublished Words Count

    The Unpublished Words Count

    My book has been out for four years. Last year was such a crazy one that I don’t even remember noticing my bookiversary. Then, it was such a shock to have made it out of 2020 and into 2021. It was a bit like the end of the waterslide, wasn’t it? When you speed up…

  • Showing Up and Embracing Self-Doubt

    Showing Up and Embracing Self-Doubt

    I’ve recently had to look at being a writer from a new angle. I’ve realized that, for me at least, making the choice to be a writer is not about deciding and then clenching my teeth and holding on tight for my lifetime.​ Life happens. My writing groove gets interrupted by work, kids, self-doubt, or…