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I live in Billings, Montana in a happy chaos of family and pets. I have a “day job” and a full plate but I still can’t stop writing. It’s a bug I can’t seem to cure!

In my free time, I enjoy training my dogs, reading (well, really listening to audiobooks because multi-tasking is not optional,) crochet, and hiking and camping with my family.

I consider myself most likely to lose the bookmark for my ebook. Dog hair is my most common fashion accessory. I absolutely cannot do math if anyone is watching . And my most controversial and inflammatory opinion is that sometimes the movie is better than the book.

My Work

I love to write about my favorite things in life; my kids, dogs, and crochet.

Unless I’m writing fiction. Then, I sometimes go a little dark. The story may be sci-fi, fantasy, post-apocalyptic, or horror, but if it’s mine it probably has high stakes and a strong romantic subplot.



The Scarring Underneath

Short Stories

Twice-Made Vows, “Initiations” from Twisted: A Horror Anthology

Obligatory author-y photo.
What?! It’s called self-care.
That frame, though!